Telemetry:  The capability of transmitting or retrieving over long distance communication links.  The science of measuring a quantity or quantities, transmitting the results to a distant station, and then interpreting, indicating, or recording the quantities measured.


Strison Wireless Systems was formed in February 1998 to design and manufacture remote monitoring systems that utilize cellular and satellite technology for the wireless transmission of data.  The systems transmit small bursts of data and are ideally suited for collecting information in applications such as precision agricultural, environmental, and equipment monitoring.  

Strison combines the 52 years of electronics engineering experience of Strandberg Engineering Labs with the entrepreneurial vision of successful North Carolina businessman Carl I. Carlson.  The Strison team has an extensive background in management, electronics engineering, marketing, manufacturing and finance.


The Strison Cell-Alert remote transmitting systems offer a comprehensive and robust wireless telemetry solution for the most demanding monitoring applications. Each unit is equipped with a unique software package that applies sophisticated measuring, timing, and alarm algorithms to each input being monitored, as well as to control output functions.  The inherent flexibility of each input to accept either analog or digital signals assures that all critical functions can be monitored accurately and reliably.

The Cell-Alert units transmit digital data in real time to the Strison Operations Center.  The Internet-based center operates around the clock to receive data from units for processing, analysis, data logging and reporting, and alarm notification.  Summary and detail data and alarm logs are available at any time through the secure web site, or via email.  Data reports are transmitted on a fixed schedule, while alarm events are immediately transmitted and reported to pagers, digital cellular phones, email, or other devices.

Strison provides all services, and no service contracts are needed with local cellular service providers.  Strison's products and services are compatible with other wireless data transmission technologies such as satellite, GSM, paging, and circuit switched cellular, and these will be utilized as they become commercially viable.


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